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Bulk SMS became a major way attract new customers and clients to the business, and it was used by brands like eBay, Amazon, Job portals, and more. It’s not like SMS has become an ineffective method to promote new products and services in the market.

It has increased instead; when you look at your inbox, you will find messages from shopping sites, service apps, bank SMS, promotional offers, medical offers, emotional offers, and more. It is increasing a lot of frustration in users because of the number messages they receive on a single day.

2factor Bulk SMS

In India, the number of mobile devices selling rate is increasing. In simple words, more Indians are now having access to a smartphone, which is amazing news for the marketers because they can reach more people now.

In the past SMS sending service is nothing but an expensive way to marketing products to Indian consumers because very fewer people had mobile devices and cost to reach the consumers were high. But, increasing number of users has encouraged the network to cut down the prices to 80%, which is insane.

What is 2factor Bulk SMS Company?

We don’t get too detailed about the 2factor company and explain about its reason to exist in the market in short.

2factor is the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India, who has an aim to deliver best bulk SMS services in India at an affordable price and make profits out of it.

The company is located in two places Mumbai and Karnataka, and the company who is behind the 2factor is SOLV technologies registered under the company’s act 1956.

According to our research, there are two key people behind the 2Factor, and they are Rahul Ambardekar (Co-Founder) and Daksh Agrawal (Business Development Head.)

You can find about the people behind the whole team on their official Linkedin profile.

2factor Bulk SMS Features

2factor Bulk SMS

2Factor is known as best SMS gateway providers in the market today because of various reasons. It could be the quality or their marketing strategy, which has worked for them well.

Let us remind you that they are not the free bulk SMS service provider; they are offering paid service, so you can expect handy features that will be useful to you.

We are going to list features, which is provided by the 2Factor on their website, so you can be the judge, whether the features interest you or not.

2-6 SEC Delivery – 2factor is promising to deliver your message to the audience you are targeting within few seconds. To be precise about the timing it is around two seconds to six seconds because the company is using Tier-1 telecommunication, which is known for direct connectivity.

FAIL-OVER Handling – It doesn’t matter which network you use because it is common among Telecommunication giants to have failed messages in the database. The 2Factor has a unique (Developed by their team) algorithm that re-routes the messages. In simple words, when an SMS fails to deliver, then the algorithm works on delivering it to the audience.

Pay-per-delivery – An amazing offer to those who are looking for OTP SMS service. The text message service provider makes you pay for every SMS you send, right? In OTP SMS service, you only have to pay for the OTP SMS sent within fifteen seconds of the period. If the OTP is not sent within fifteen seconds, then you don’t have to pay for it.

Data Privacy – Data is every today that is a fact because many people are gathering your data and creating a mask to sell or deliver a message to the audience until they believe it. The cheapest bulk SMS service providers in many countries sell your campaign information to anyone who pays them money, and then the buyers of the data will misuse them. 2factor protects your data and never let’s any third-party have access.

Scaling – No business remain small for long periods because scaling is part of growing business. The 2factor bulk SMS service provider moves to you and your company targets so that you can meet the requirements of the audience.

Managed Support – The Company has dedicated customer support to help you get things started, and they also have amazing Infrastructure & Support.

SLA Driven – There are a lot of things that go into building an amazing best SMS gateway. It is important to remind that having an in-house built algorithm in 2factor Bulk SMS Review. It helps provide the customer better service and solution.

Analytics – You can consider reports as analytics because it helps you understand your audience on how they are responding to your SMS offers. You can adjust or make a change in the campaigns, and the detailed delivery reports come straight from the operator end.

Schedule SMS – If you are someone who cannot log in the control panel at the right time to send messages to the audience, then you can use the Schedule SMS feature. It allows you to schedule the SMS and the add message in it, then saves it to the desired time you want to release it. The SMS will be sent automatically to the time you have set.

According to the company’s details, they are helping customer send over three million messages or transactions every day, which is a big number for an SMS sending service.

What Problems Will 2factor Solve?

2factor Bulk SMSIf you are a newbie or a beginner, who has never used such service before, then there are few things that you need to know about it.

Customer support – 2factor has two branches in India; they have the team and knowledge to help you solve technical problems. Every paying customer will get the attention from the authorities to get your problem solved within a few moments.

Cheap & Reliable – Finding the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India is easy, there is no doubt about it. However, it is not an easy task to find a company that delivers the task without compromising quality and reliability.

Awards & Quality Certificates

2factor Bulk SMSWe did not find any Awards or Certificates won by 2Factor.

It is not necessary for any small company to receive an award for their achievements until it is in millions of dollars and the growth of the project also matters. So, not having Awards or Certificates doesn’t mean that the 2factor is not good enough.

2factor Position in Our Categories

2factor Bulk SMSThere are only three rules to stand in our categories.

Customer base – There is proof out there that can tell that the customers of 2factor are happy, so we cannot assume anything about it.

Pricing – The Company played pretty smart here, unlike other similar services, they have played a little differently. But, the pricing is fair considering the quality of reliability.

Claims – They have claimed that they are the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India, which is not entirely true at all. However, they win this argument because of the customer care support.

So, in our opinion, the 2factor is well-designed and organised service provider.

How Much Does 2factor Cost?

2Factor Bulk SMS Pricing2factor has outshined others in price segment; the team of 2factor has taken their time to come up with the right price. Check out yourself.

There are four packages, which you can subscribe,

1: Promotional – They charge Rs.0.18 per SMS.

2: Transactional – They charge Rs.0.34 per SMS.

3: Voice OTP – They charge Rs.0.18 per SMS.

4: OTP SMS – They charge Rs.0.18 per SMS.

The price may get even lesser to Rs.0.13 per message depending upon the package you select to buy. The more bulk SMS you purchase, the price will go down to Rs.0.13.

Remember, you can send OTP SMS internationally, but the price will be slightly different. But, you cannot send Voice OTP outside of India. You can check the International SMS rate here.

User Satisfaction

2factor Bulk SMSWe consider paying customers the right judge to give feedback about the services and customer care support.

We would like to inform you that there are no verified customer’s reviews out there, so we can gather information on the service and give you genuine details about user experience.

There could be several reasons behind it, but let me tell you about one thing about the reviews.

Usually, those online services that have scammed people their money end up on the consumer complaints website, so others can become aware of the fraud the company is carrying out.

In case, the good part is that we couldn’t find any complaints or negative reviews about the service at all, which is a good sign for such online based service!

Our recommendation is to start with an entry-level package, so you don’t have to spend a huge amount on an unknown company. Invest a little in the SMS package to test out the performance, services, customer care and more.

Then, you will be able to come to a decision, whether 2factor is a reliable service or not.


2factor is operated by a reputed company based in Bangalore and Mumbai, so it would be safe to think they deliver their promises, but begin your SMS marketing journey with entry-level package. Let us know what do you think about the service and your experience in the comment section.

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2factor is an Indian company so you can so it’s easy to understand for a company what you need. Also, there pricing is good and performance is great.

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