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SMS sending service has become the second most popular way to get the word out about the company services to the customers directly. There are a Bhash SMS Review which gives you information about the much cheapest bulk SMS service provider in the market today because there are several small and major companies are trying to sell their services or products via SMS service.

Even companies like eBay and Amazon send texts to the customers which help them increase their sales, and it also helps the customers to find the right product at the right price.

Many companies need such services, but which is the best bulk SMS service in India? As many enterprises are coming forward to sell bulk SMS packages online, which is the right one for the small business?

Bhash SMS Review

Many of the reviewers have their way to explain the product, but we are going to take things to a different level. We are going to use the compared strategy here and compare it with other text message service provider.

We are going to break down the list too,

1 – First, we are going to explain the services and features the company has to offer to the customers.

2 – When we have features, price, services, and more in the list, we will compare it with another similar major enterprise.

3 – Paying customers can tell us more about the service than a reviewer, so we are going to add verified customers reviews.

So, let’s begin.

Services & Features of Bhash SMS Review

Bhash SMS Review

We are going to list every service and feature the company is offering to the new customers & existing customer, so you will be able to understand every feature purpose properly.

24 /7 Customer Support – The Bhash SMS Review gives you information has they claimed to provide 24/7 and 365 day’s customer support via phone. If you have any technical issues or questions to ask, then you can contact the customer care anytime. You can also raise a complaint ticket, which is a good option.

100% Reliable – Bhash SMS is guaranteeing the customers one hundred percent reliability, but they did not explain if they meant by whole service itself or an individual part of the service.

Unlimited Validity – If you purchase any package from the Bhash, then you get unlimited validity. In simple words, if you have 1000 SMS left in your account, then you can make good use of them any time in future.

Unlimited Sender ID’s – You get unlimited sender ID’s, which means you get to select different “caller number” so you don’t have to stick with the same caller ID.

Instant Reply to Queries – The Bhash SMS promises you an instant reply to any query you make at any time.

Quick Sign-up – You can sign-up for an account with Bhash SMS and get the account activated instantly. You don’t have to wait for few minutes or hours to get your account activated.

1200 Resellers – In India, the Bhash SMS has more than 1200 resellers, so you will never run of SMS or sender numbers.

Remember, none of the features which we have mentioned is verified, so we don’t know the reliability of the Bhash SMS claims. So, read the review to the end because we will verify the claims for you right here and give you an idea about the company & services.

Compare Bhash SMS Review to Others

Bhash SMS Review

We are now going to compare the features & services of the Bhash SMS with other similar bulk SMS service, but they are major in this industry and bigger than Bhash SMS in infrastructure and customer base.

First, let’s compare the pricing of the Bhash SMS because of everything begins with an entry package, which starts from Rs.1500, while other companies have an entry package for only Rs.250. An entry package helps the small business people test the service, which isn’t the case here.

Bhash SMS pricing TableBut, the higher packages are pretty good because you save Rs.1000 on 10,000 messages because other companies provide you with the same package for Rs.2500. Keep one thing in mind that the number given to you may have been used by a scammer as well. Usually, the cheapest bulk SMS service provider does not tell you drawbacks, if your company is like a brand, then avoid Bhash SMS.

Coming to the good part is that the Bhash SMS provides you unlimited validity on the SMS packages. But, we recommend you to use it within a year or so because these companies may not sustain for a longer period.

The features of Bhash SMS are limited when compared to bigger companies. There are plenty of important features missing like No DND numbers, Scheduling, Filters, Analytics, Add attachments, and more.

These are important to save your money and understand the audience, then organize your message much better.

The company offers quick sign-ups and instant activation, but it isn’t new or unique because many companies do that nowadays, but they don’t tell you about it.

There are only three packages, so you are stuck with three packages that do not have price variations like other companies do. The competition allows you to select based on the number of text’s you need to generate leads.

Bhash SMS offers unlimited “Senders ID’s” which is not reliable because we have received two messages from a promotional company, but the nature of messages was different. So, we recommend small business & brands to go for a high-quality company who offer dedicated number, or you will lose the trust of your customers.

Customers Feedback

Bhash SMS Review

We have gathered a lot of customer feedback to ensure that Bhash SMS gets proper ratings from people who paid for the service.

Customer support – Bhash SMS has failed to impress customers. They have claimed to provide instant replies, 24/7 phone support, and ticket, but they have closed it after a month without a response. In fact, the team of Bhash demanded the customer to pay more. Unfortunately, the company does not have ENGLISH and HINDI speaking employees, so you must speak Tamil to communicate with customer care. Overall, customer service is very bad.

Features – Features are limited, we do not recommend it at all.

Quality – Regarding quality, the company claimed that their standards are high, but they failed in delivery time, promises, customer services, and quality as well.

Performance – Customers have rated Bhash SMS Review ZERO.

We do not recommend Bhash SMS at all because the customers have declared it FRAUD Company.


Too good to be true service and pricing does force our hand to try it out, but most of them disappoint us, which is why we conducted this review that reveals that Bhash SMS does not deserve your attention. Let me know what do you think about it in the comment section.

Bhash SMS Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Performence
  • Easy to Use
  • Price


There is deliver an issue of SMS on every day if you ppl cant keeps the service quality please don’t promise it to customers. check today’s SMS report attached. 60% of my transactional SMS don’t reach my customers.
I want REFUND of my money. I don’t want to use SMS service from BHASHSMS anymore I would like to share this to all customers looking for SMS services, don’t ever use BHASHSMS Bhash is a real clash.

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