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In SMS Marketing Management, there are plenty of things that go into a successful campaign. One should always take measures and plans to make sure that you are not repeating the same mistakes. Is there any solution to make your bulk SMS campaign successful? The question is valid and every single person, who does not have experience in the market, should focus on it because it will help you generate more leads or sales and it will save from overspending. We are going to help you, so you save money and time at the same time.

We will tell you the mistakes every step a newbie has to take to make their campaign successful and mistakes have made before. You will identify your strength and avoid mistakes, which is crucial here.

Do While Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS Marketing

Follow the PRO tips that have helped many professionals take their small campaign to another level.

Timing is everything

Bulk SMS MarketingIn many cases, campaigners do not have much information about the audience behaviour. There are many reasons why a campaign fails, but they all have one thing in common and that our lack knowledge.

If a company that is trying to sell a product or service does not have enough knowledge of their audience, then they will make mistakes.

  1. You need to know when your audience is free to read the SMS.
  2. You need to learn more about the age group you are trying to target. 
  3. Check if the SMS provider you subscribed can send the messages on the time you are targeting.

You must sell things at the right time or else; you are losing customers.

Do Keep your SMS Content Short

Bulk SMS MarketingIt comes as no surprise that no one reads SMS nowadays, right?

It is not true at all because of SMS used by major leagues like Banks, Hospitals, Shopping malls, online stores, and Medical stores as well.

Nevertheless, how do you approach your audience will make the difference!

Always explain things in short form, which has worked for many brands, so why does it not work for you?

An SMS is nothing but a boring form of delivering information, and this is how the younger is treating it. You should describe your product or service in short because it increases the chances of conversion rate.

Do Track your SMS Campaign Effectiveness

Bulk SMS MarketingAnalytics and behavior of the users are what made many companies successful over the years. The methods might have changed, but the theory remains the same.

It does not matter, which service you are going to select, but ensure that the service provider is offering an Analytics tab or SMS tracking feature. The tracking or analytics feature will help you understand the response of your audience, which helps you in many ways.

You can change your SMS format and repeatedly test until you find the right one.

Do Use Conversational Style with a Personal Touch

Bulk SMS MarketingRemember, you are trying to pitch a sale to humans, not robots. When you are promoting your service or a product, you must talk to the audience.

Just like the bloggers, who talk to their audience, no matter what they are promoting or selling? Natural conversation SMS increases attraction and conversion because people believe in person-to-person talk than a product. A natural conversational that has your personal touch like CEO of YouTube has done to their play button letter.

Start with an attention grabber

Bulk SMS MarketingEvery major brand like Cadbury uses a tagline that is compelling to the occasion. For example, Cadbury has used “Iss Diwali pe Kuch meetha hojaye – Translation: Shall we have something sweet this Diwali festival?”

The tagline has worked well that Cadbury has replaced Indian sweets with chocolates, which is an amazing approach that has led Cadbury to sell children chocolate to adults.

Always use attention-grabbing words or trending words or think of something creative?

Do introduce yourself

Bulk SMS MarketingWhen we speak of introducing yourself, many factors come into place. You need to ask few questions to yourself, then mention your name in bulk SMS.

  1. Are you an influencer?
  2. Does adding your name to the SMS will increase sales or leads?

If you answer is YES, then proceed.


We are going to list those mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.

Don’t bombard customers with messages

Bulk SMS MarketingUsually, a smartphone user receives more than ten messages from Brands and Promotional SMS. Obviously, if you add personal SMS, then it would go beyond our imagination.

Remember, one of the things, which we have disliked is spam. Many promotions send the same message more than three times, which is annoying and people prefer to block it.

Always keep the SMS count from one to two, it should never go beyond two or else, you are killing your business. Not only you are also wasting money by sending x number of messages to the same “Not Interested.” person.

Always keep the count from one to two, not more than that.

Avoid text slang and abbreviations

Bulk SMS MarketingLanguage is a barrier if you are using secondary language like English or some other language. It is better than you check the grammar before you decide to send it to the audience.

Remember, choosing the right words always have an impact on the audience that can change their way of thinking.

Always check the grammar properly before you put it out there or your brand can become the next MEME.

Do not forget to add a call-to-action

Bulk SMS MarketingIf you receive SMS from sites like eBay, Amazon, Souq, and more, then you would have noticed that they add a short URL link.

The short URL link is call-to-action button that takes the audience directly to the website, and it helps the companies present their products or services to the audience. If the audience likes it, then they buy it.

Someone who has never shopped from eBay because he had a fear of being scammed. An SMS from eBay with offers included and it had called to action button has made him buy stuff from eBay.

If eBay can sell products to someone with such fear, then why can’t you? Start using a short call-to-action feature.

Don’t try to sell – ALWAYS

Bulk SMS MarketingIf you are someone who uses bulk SMS service a lot and sends the SMS to the same number once in a while, then your audience can recognize the number and predict the message.

Think about it, don’t you predict a message if it is coming from a number that always sends you similar messages?

It is important that you become unpredictable, which is why you should not always pitching sales. For example, eBay has sent us a festival wishes message.

Birthday wishes, Festival wishes, New Year wishes, Greeting messages, Funny messages on April’s fool day, and more.

Don’t Include Long Ugly URLs

Bulk SMS MarketingWe have mentioned about an example where eBay used an URL as a call-to-action button to sell their products. Did you know that they use short URL’s, which looks clean and easy to understand URLs?

Long URLs are annoying, and they do not look clean at all. Long URL takes a lot of characters, and in some phones, it does not even fit properly, which will kill the interest of your audience.

So, always use short URL, and you can use Google URL shortener, which is trusted by the audience and used by brands.

Don’t Keep your Conversation One-Sided

Bulk SMS MarketingAlways aim for long-term goals, and it also means that your product or service explained properly. In many cases, a newbie does not add proper information, which can create misleading information or perception of the customers.

We know that explaining this part is difficult, but always provide information that explains your service or product in the right manner. Every word you use should deliver the purpose of the SMS, it may seem a little difficult, but it is not impossible to achieve.


We have listed both Do’s and Don’t for the new bulk SMS users, so you are one-step forward towards achieving a successful campaign. There is no doubt that you will fail once or twice, but if you follow our rules, then the damage will minimize. Let us know what you have learned in the comment section below.

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