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Bulk SMS companies have grown into an immersing industry, where a new way to promote products and services to the customers. There is no doubt that plenty of companies using Bulk SMS service for a very long time and there is no secret about, but it didn’t avail for the small business and individual because of expensive packages. Digimiles Bulk SMS Review gives you all the information about this company.

However, it has changed, and many small businesses have started to add Bulk SMS service into a marketing strategy. The whole process of Bulk SMS marketing is working for small business, and it is helping them to find clients and customers. Thus it has become popular now. Coming to the pricing, many cheaper services come online, but you can get quality of service at an affordable price.

One of the companies Digimiles, which has portrait themselves as quality Bulk SMS sending service provider. The company name is bulk SMS service provider in India free, and they are considered as text message service provider.

So, we are going to review the company services and its quality to help you decide how good Digimiles is when it comes to delivering the job.

What is Digimiles Bulk SMS Company?

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company Review

We know that most of you have already understood what Digimiles is about, but we are covering this part for those who don’t quite understand yet.

Digimiles is a dedicated company that helps you send text message service provider at an affordable price. The company founded in Bengaluru, Karnataka and the headquarters is located in India.

Digimiles is a registered company, so they are not operating anonymously or falsely like many other similar companies around the world. The enterprise focus on providing affordable bulk SMS service provider in India free, though they don’t have an impressive infrastructure.

Advantages of Digimiles Services

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company Review

Every Indian company started by an Entrepreneur has one goal in mind to provide quality of service and introduce newer features to the platform.

One: The pricing of the packages is always lower or competitive with other companies.

Two: The company is providing Phone and Email support between 9 AM to 6 PM (It is safe to assume that they reply during these hours because the company has not specified about customer care support.)

Three: All in one solution company that provides all types of packages like Transactional, Promotional, Email marketing, and SEND OTP service as well. You don’t need to look for other companies to fulfill additional services.

Four: Digimiles has served more than 1000+ customer, which makes them pretty strong company considering served customers. The experience to fulfill the customer needs and the quality that every paying client is expecting from the company is realized.

Digimiles bulk SMS Review and Features

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company Review

We are going to list the number of features, which the Digimiles is providing for SMS sending service.

You need to know that they are providing two packages to the customer. The first one is Promotional and the second is Transactional, so we are going to list them accordingly.  No matter which package you select, you will get all of these features, which we are going to mention.

Transactional SMS Pricing: Only India

No-DND Delivery: First, DND stands for Do not disturb feature that is offered by the networks, where the users can block promotional callers and SMS. So, Digimiles have the no-DND delivery option, so your messages won’t be sent to a DND activated number. This way, you save money and messages.

Free Set-up: No matter which company you select, you have to work on the set-up because of the requirements and goals every marketer has in mind. Not everyone is expert when it comes to setting up an account at the GO, but what if the company helps you getting you a full-featured account?

9 AM to 9 PM: In simple words, the messages you send to your customers or number will be sent between 9 AM to 9 PM. Do not consider this as a disadvantage because no company can guarantee you instant delivery.

Instant Activation: What does this mean to you? Almost every SMS sending service is providing it. Digimiles bulk SMS service also has this feature. Once you make payment to any package, then your account will be activated instantly.

Lifetime Validity: If you are someone who uses Bulk SMS occasionally, the bulk SMS service provider, you don’t have to worry about the SMS validity. However, that isn’t the case in competitors, so you have to use 1000 or 1,00,000 messages under the specific period the company allows you.

Transactional SMS Pricing: Only India

DND & NON-DND – The text messages will be sent to both DND and non-DND numbers. It either puts your advantage or disadvantage, but it all goes down to your strategy. Since this is a transactional number; then it is indeed good for you that messages will be delivered to a DND activated number as well.

24×7 Timings – We did not quite understand what this is about and the company refer to SMS timings.

Sender ID – In this package, you will get a dedicated number for your service, so your customers can recognise you when they receive a message from you. Having a sender ID helps the company and the customers as well, and no one will be able to use the sender ID unless you have stopped using it.

High Priority Routes – The Digimiles bulk SMS service provider use the high priority routes to send your messages to the customer’s handset.

Note: Every customer has to 18% of TAX (GST) on every package you select from Digimiles

What Problems Will Digimiles Solve?

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company ReviewDigimiles bulk SMS services solve few problems considering the pricing point as well.

One: Small business can contact the authority directly and discuss the details more specifically.

Two: The solution helps the business send a message to India under 12-hours time bracket.

Three: Customer care is something to debate, but the company has provided two phone numbers so that you can contact them directly. There is no doubt that the customer care is not available for 24/7.

Awards & Quality Certificates

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company ReviewEvery company in the country has earned Awards and Certificates for their quality of work they have done in the industry.

The Digimiles bulk SMS Company has not earned any quality certificates or any awards so that this section will be empty as of now.

However, they have claimed to have to serve for more than a 1000+ customers in India, which should be taken into account as well.

Digimiles Position in Our Categories

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company ReviewQuality is what we look at when it comes to any online based service because everything will go down to the company core ethics or else you have simply wasted your money on an online firm.

First: The Company provides four services Transactional, Promotion, Bulk SMS API, and OTP API.

Second: Customer care is a big question here because the company has not mentioned anything about 24/7 dedicated customer support. Even though they have mentioned “Ethical valued sales & support,” that does mean that the company has dedicated support. In our opinion, the customer care Digimiles Bulk SMS Company doesn’t even tell you how many days they serve in a week.

Third: Several features are missing from the features list. We are talking about features in the promotional SMS packages because many other competitors are providing more features, which are needed for every user. Features like scheduling, adding attachments, and more is required to make the promotion more appealing and converting, which is missing in these packages.

Fourth: The enterprise designed their packages for the Indian users only, so if you are someone who is seeking for assistance, then you may have to go through language barrier because the company is located in Karnataka, so users have to call them first to learn, which language they support. However, the Digimiles Bulk SMS also provides email support, it may take few more hours, but language won’t be an issue there.

One of the positive things about the Digimiles is that it isn’t a fraud company because it is registered a company under the Companies Act of India. So, you can invest your money on Digimiles without worrying about frauds & breach of trust.

How Much Does Digimiles Cost?

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company ReviewDigimiles text message service provider has designed their packages after researching the market, and they have added a price tag, which is affordable in our opinion.

Transactional SMS:

Digimiles bulk sms review

Beginners: For 5000 SMS you have to pay Rs.1250 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Try-out: For 10,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.2000 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Business: For 50,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.7000 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Professional: For 1,00,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.13,000 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

So, this is what you have to pay for the transactional SMS.

Promotional SMS:

Starters: For 5000 SMS you have to pay Rs.1250 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Getting started: For 10,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.2000 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Business: For 50,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.6,500 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

Pro: For 1,00,000 SMS you have to pay Rs.12,500 without %18 GST (New Indian TAX rule.)

In promotional SMS, you can Rs.500 on Business and PRO packages.


Getting started: By spending Rs.700 (Without GST TAX,) you get 2000 OTP SMS.

Try out: By spending Rs.2,500 (Without GST TAX,) you get 10,000 OTP SMS.

Small Business: By spending Rs.7,500 (Without GST TAX,) you get 50,000 OTP SMS.

PRO: By spending Rs.14,000 (Without GST TAX,) you get 1,00,000 OTP SMS.

Remember, you have to calculate 18% of the GST tax, and then you will get the final price.

The company has email marketing service as well, but you have to contact them directly for more details.

User Satisfaction

Digimiles Bulk SMS Company ReviewWe have shown you the pricing of the Digimiles Bulk SMS Review services, and you can compare it with other similar companies, you will find that the pricing is not bad at all.

Now, we are going to compare it with three aspects that are unique.

Features: Many features are missing, but most important features are present in the Promotional and Transactional packages. Make sure to check with your team, whether something very important is missing or not. According to our opinion, they should suffice a small business, who are getting started.

Customer support: The company may not have dedicated support, but they have provided two number, which you can use to contact the key people. But, you need to know that customer care support is the spot, where you have to compromise.

Performance & Quality: The first thing, which every user needs to know that the Digimiles PVT LTD has ensured that they deliver the promises within the mentioned time and maintain the quality. Their customer base is more than enough to explain the performance.

User Experience: We consider verified customer the right people to judge the services. Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews out there, which we can take into the account to prove the user experience.

Overall, there is no proof that the customer is happy with the service.

Our Recommendation

Go to the homepage of the Digimiles, and there is an option called “FREE DEMO,” you can contact the Digimiles team directly and claim the free demo, which will give you an insight about the services.

Or you can also buy the entry-level package, which cost you only Rs.1250 and you can test the services of the Digimiles services as well.


Digimiles Bulk SMS Review service company is dedicated to providing quality of service since 2017. We would love to know your opinion and ideas in the comment section below.

Digimiles Review
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I would tell that Digimiles provides best services, I am very much impressed with services and support. I recommend everyone to use Digmiles SMS services as there Transactional and OTP SMS works very well with instant delivery.

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