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Bulk SMS service has become a common way to reach a larger audience in India today. Top brands and companies are using it more than a decade, but the smaller business had to think a hundred times before adding SMS marketing in their plan.

Times have changed as the number of smartphones, and mobile devices usage has increased, so the price of send SMS have dropped. Anyone who can invest Rs.1500+ can start sending SMS group with no hidden charges.

However, the difficult part comes in when customers have to select the right one for their business. As you know that there are too many companies offering competitive and less price compared to others, right? In the competitive market of SMS, which one will you choose?

We are going to help you in finding the ideal Bulk SMS service that has best customer support service.

Delivery tracking for Maximum Delivery

The first thing, which everyone should know about the bulk SMS service is the delivery time. If you are new to the business, then let us tell you that more than a billion SMS are sent in every country, so the servers are busy.

You need to select the right SMS Company or else you may suffer from delivery time. Make sure to check the delivery tracking reports and real-time reports to find out your company’s delivery time.

Ensure that the bulk SMS service or company has the best delivery time like Instant delivery or 12-hours of the delivery period and also make sure to monitor the campaign by checking analytics.

Customize SMS Campaigns for SMS online

choosing bulk sms companyTo make your campaign successful, you need to ensure that you are customising your SMS properly on a weekly basis or as per your plans.

Many companies do not have enough options for you to customise your messages like adding links to it, adding attachments that give a presentation of your product, and many more. So, you have to check with the bulk SMS service, whether they have enough customisation options in the dashboard or not.

No campaign can be successful until you don’t have enough ways to make changes and get the attention of the people. Trust is another factor because if your message is optimised for conversion, then it won’t work. So, you need a service that can give you enough customisation options so that you can make your message convertible.

Call the customer care and enquiry about it.

Real-time reports for Right Decisions

choosing bulk sms companyWe have been into the online business for a very long time, and we can tell you that Analytics has always helped us understand the people and their likings properly.

In bulk SMS service, you need to make sure they have real-time reports, which will help in several ways. The reports will show you, how long it look for one SMS to reach people, it also tells you how many SMS have not sent yet, and it shows the interest of your product as well.

For us, it has helped us track and modify campaign after getting the real-time reports. We understood the behaviour of the people, and then we started to make modifications as per the response of the audience.

Contact the company that gives you information about it because it saves your money and conversation will also improve, which is nothing but more money. You invest less and get more profits out of it, or you will realise that investing into SMS marketing is not ideal for you.

You either save money or make money by real-time reports, overall it’s a win-win situation.

Easy and Powerful SMS API Integration

choosing bulk sms companyThere are always bulk SMS service companies, who provide cheap and expensive packages and there is a reason behind it.

Everything comes in Cheap, Medium, and High quality, right? The same theory applies to the send SMS online, so you have to follow few steps.

The first one, when you look at the send SMS company, then make sure to check, which SMS API integration they are using because it decides the quality.

Having a powerful SMS API integration makes the delivery of the SMS faster, it will ensure that the numbers used in the process are dedicated, and the number of networks it sends also depends on the SMS API.

What is SMS API integration = Your website or Bulk SMS service website > SMS Gateway (Main SMS Server) > Mobile networks > Customer or Mobile users.

Track and Modify Campaign Effectively

choosing bulk sms companyWe have already told you that having deeper knowledge in your audience will help you become successful faster and it also helps you save money as well.

We have explained that one must have access to the Analytics that explains the behaviour of the customer or audience. Analytics helps you identify the problems, errors, and why people are not responding to your SMS.

Once you have the information from Analytics, then you can begin with some changes so that you can increase the conversion of your product or service better.

Track and modify campaign until you see some good results.

Best Customer support service

choosing bulk sms companyNo matter which product you purchase and no matter which service you subscribe to because you may need help at the time, so good companies have their dedicated customer support.

The customer support is essential when you are dealing with send SMS online, where it involves SMS API integration, servers, mobile networks, and other technical stuff. When there’s too many technical stuff are involved, then you should always select a company that has responsive customer support.

Bulk SMS marketing is a way for you to generate leads and sales for your business, but it involves a lot of technology that gets the whole process work. Anything can go wrong with your account or the server itself, so it is important that you have subscribed to a Bulk SMS service company that has responsive customer care.

No Hidden Charges

Unfortunately, even these days many enterprises have hidden charges to their package.

These hidden charges can be anything like processing fee, account setting fee, contribution fee, and more. But, we recommend you to check with the company before you enter into a contract or else you may have to suffer a loss.

In the pursuit of finding a service that cost less and gives you more, it may end up in investing more than you wanted to save.

Also remember, make sure to check the pricing as well, every country has a tax system. Companies don’t add TAX & Service charges to their packages. Every tax and charges will be added when you are checking out, so make sure to confirm.

Minimum or Zero Downtime

SMS gateway, have you heard of it? SMS gateways are nothing, but servers that are designed & programmed to send and receive SMS from all mobile networks.

Servers are nothing, but a computerized hardware and software, which mean that even servers have downtime. Just like your Windows or Mac PC, they can freeze, hang, and even restart automatically.

The reason why we are giving you an example of server’s because you should also consider downtime. Cheap SMS service use low-end hardware, which usually ends-up in the crash, hang, freezes, and more.

So, remember to check the features or call the customer care to find out about their downtime. Make sure the downtime is minimal to zero downtime or else, you better move on to another service provider.

Safe and Secure you’re Data

Data is everything in the year of 2019. What do we mean by that?

SMS marketing might sound small and seems more like a common way to reach a larger audience, which has much-hidden truth behind it.

One: Did you know that bulk SMS service companies have your campaigns data? And, there are also people who are ready to buy them for few thousands of dollars depending on the value of the campaign.

Two: Bulk SMS service providers have a larger number of data on your customers, who have purchased your product or service. They also have your email, phone, address, and location of your company and many people out there selling that information.

Three: Cheap send SMS online provider, they collect as much as information about a potential customer, then sell it to some anonymous people, who will contact you. These anonymous people will try to pitch their product to you.

Always select providers, who don’t sell your information.


We know that finding the right one is difficult, but what we recommend that you always look for Google Reviews of that provider. In case, if you don’t find reviews, then check if the company is registered under Companies Act 1956. You can file a case against a registered company if there is a breach of contract. Google “xxx company founders” try to look for Linkedin profiles.

Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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