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The demand for a cheapest bulk SMS service provider like Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review has increased in the last five years, and many small businesses have started to add SMS sending service in their marketing strategy. There is no doubt that the SMS marketing is around us for more than a decade. Companies like AT&T, Amazon, and other major business are using the service for more than a decade.

Even today brands and companies like Amazon, eBay, Shopping sites, Medical services, Small businesses, Hospitals, and more are using best bulk SMS service all over the world. As India is a developing country, which has seen a major development in smartphone industry as the India mobile device industry has grown into a massive market for many players.

As the number of mobile device users has increased, the networks were happy to cut down the prices of the best bulk SMS service. The other networks have followed price cut down; then low competitive prices started to see in the market.

Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review

What is KapSystem Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review?

Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review is a text message service provider, who has been serving the Indian business with bulk SMS, so the companies and small business can reach more people in a short time. Kapsystem is operated by KAP Computer Solutions PVT LTD, which is a registered company under company’s act 1956.

The company registered in the year of 2009, and it is located in Bangalore, Karnataka since 2009. The company is designed and built to serve those client’s who wants to promote their products and services throughout India. Kapsystem’s are in the industry since 2009, and they were able to sustain more than nine years, which is an amazing achievement.

The Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review motive is to provide Quality of service, price, and make profits out of it, which is not a bad thing to aim.

What we are going to do for you are to find out whether Kapsystem computers solution is capable enough for you to invest your money and reach out audience.

Kapsystem Computer Solutions Bulk SMS Features

Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review

We are going to list the features into one place, so you can compare it with any other similar company that is providing bulk SMS service like Kapsystem Bulk SMS.

Kapsystem Bulk SMS Review offers various types of service like Transactional Bulk SMS, Promotional Bulk SMS Services, Short Code Solutions, Long Code Solutions, Voice call and Missed call alert.

1. Transactional Bulk SMS

We are going to list Transactional SMS features.

Non-DND: DND full- form is done not disturb, which enables the people to block promotional SMS. Kapsystem enables you to send SMS to a number, who have enabled DND on their number.

DND Numbers:  A unique feature of a company that allows you extract the numbers you have sent SMS and the Kapsystem does not charge a penny.

Instant Delivery:  When you sign-up and buy one of the banks, then you will able to send hundreds of thousands of SMS in an instant. You don’t have to wait longer than one minute to deliver the messages in India.

Analytics:  In the dashboard, you get to access the delivery reports, which will give you a brief idea on how many SMS were sent. You can view entire delivery reports in the dashboard, so you know if your messages are delivering or not.

2. Long Code Solutions

We are going to provide you with a link, where you can reach more about long code solution

3. Short Calls

In the short calls, it is a lot different from long calls because, in short calls, you can have your dedicated number with shortcode added to it. The shortcodes are available to your audience or customers can recognize your number faster and remember it. It helps brand recognition and helps you to increase leads faster than other plans.

4. Missed Call Alert

We know that majority of you have already guessed it, but we will confirm. Missed call alerts nothing but calls that you failed to answer. An email and SMS will be sent to your mobile with the missed call information so that you can get back to the person quickly. It is an amazing service, but there is no pricing for the service, so you have to contact the team directly.

5. Voice Call

In short, the company failed to explain the feature properly, which goes beyond the understanding of a beginner, who is getting started.

What Problems Will Kapsystem Solve?

Kapsystem Bulk SMS ReviewKapsystem has certain rules that everyone should follow.

Packages: The Company is providing several packages, which we have already mentioned above. It helps you deal with more than just bulk SMS service.

Instant delivery: One of the major problems in the industry today is the delivery time. If you are someone who has used similar service before, then you would know that it takes 3 – 12 hours to deliver all messages. In Kapsystem case, it takes an instant to deliver the messages.

Long & Short Code: It is extremely rare to see bulk SMS companies providing such service, which is necessary for many users, who wants’ to make a different approach.

Awards & Quality Certificates

Kapsystem Bulk SMS ReviewKapsystem computer solutions are around for more than nine years, and they have not earned a single award or an appreciation letter or certificate from the clients.

They have served more than a thousand customers in nine years, but they have not earned any certificate, and there might be several reasons behind it.

Kapsystem Position in Our Categories

Kapsystem Bulk SMS ReviewWe are going to use our quality rules to help you understand the Kapsystem standing in our categories, which will give you a clear idea about the company itself.

Customer care – Bulk SMS service requires customer care for the paying clients. But, seem like the enterprise doesn’t have a dedicated team. In the whole website, you cannot the word “Phone Support” because they don’t have any. The Kapsystem has provided one number, which falls into SALES category. Overall, the customer care doesn’t exist, so you have to make a compromise here.

Failed to explain – We have checked the website, and we can tell you that the team of KS have done a bad job. There was plenty of information, but we can say that they did not have clear information on site. Which makes us doubt their ability to explain and seriousness to explain the features.

How Much Does Kapsystem Cost?

Kapsystem price table

We are going to share the pricing of the Kapsystem services; then you will be able to judge the services.

Entry-level: For 10,000 voice call, you have to pay Rs.4000

Two: For 25,000 SMS, you have to pay Rs.6250 (For voice call, it is Rs.8750.)

Three: For 50,000 SMS, you have to pay Rs.9000/10,000 for Transactional (For voice call, it is Rs.15,000.)

Four: For 1,00,000 SMS, you have to pay Rs.13,000/16,000 for transactional (For voice call, it is Rs.25,000.)

Five: For 2,50,000 SMS, you have to pay Rs.31,250/Rs.37,500 (For voice call, it is Rs.60,000.)

Six: For 5,00,000 SMS, you have to pay Rs.60,000/70,000 for transactional (For voice call, it is Rs.1,10,000.)

User Satisfaction

Kapsystem Bulk SMS ReviewNow, we are going to review the whole thing in one section. We are now aware of the features, pricing, and who operates the Kapsystem as well. Now, it’s time to learn whether you should invest your money and buy the SMS packages or not.

Customer care – It is missing.

Features – There is no doubt that the features are missing, which is essential to save your time and help you move faster.

Expensive – When you look at the pricing when the company is missing essential features then the price become unjustifiable. Not only that there is no entry level package to test the service. There is a demo as well, so you have to purchase Rs.6,250 worth of package just to test the service.

Customer feedback – We consider the customer as the important reviewer because they experienced it. Let us tell you that Kapsystem has two negative reviews in the consumer forum, and they have not mentioned that no one will get a refund even if the SMS package is not delivered.

In our opinion, there are much better services out there, who can give you better service and quality at the same price of Rs.0.18 per message.


Companies like are providing better service in the same price bracket, so I think the Kapsystem computer solution has not done their homework because of that we have a messed up service. Let us know your opinion and ideas in the comment section below.

kapsystem Review
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providing the best bulk SMS services. instant delivery, delivery reports, instant services. it’s just awesome using Kapsystem- bulk SMS services.

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