The cheapest bulk SMS service provider has increased over the years, and the demand has increased in India. Back in the days, the number of mobile users was in India due to the technology was expensive to buy and maintain.

However, things started to change in India from 2010, when networks started to offer bulk SMS sending service for the lesser cost. The cost of each message started to drop from Rs.1 to Rs.0.25, which is a massive drop in the price.

Keep in mind that there is no free bulk SMS service provider anywhere in India, so does not get involved in such schemes that offer free stuff in return for something. The network, which is the best SMS gateway providers started to offer low, priced SMS packages to the small business.

Among those companies, we have Mobonair bulk SMS Company that claims to provide best SMS packages to the small business. We are going to help you understand their services, features, and if they are worth your investment or not.

What is Mobonair? Bulk SMS Company?

Mobonair Bulk SMS ReviewMobonair is a bulk SMS service company that is dedicated to selling only bulk SMS, and they don’t sell any other services on the site except SMS packages.

Sandesh Pandey, who has established the business in Lucknow, founds Mobonair. The company registered under the company’s act 1956, which assures you that this is not a fraud business.

The Mobonair is registered name Mobonair Wireless PVT LTD founded by Sandesh Pandey. After thorough research, we can say that they are also offering SEO, Web design, Political campaign, and Email marketing service as well.

Now, how do you know that they provide amazing quality? Let us show you the way.

Mobonair Mobonair Bulk SMS Review & Features

Mobonair Bulk SMS Review

We are going to list the features provided by the Mobonair, which you can use to compare it with other similar services. As we have mentioned that Mobonair provides other services as well, since they are not relevant, we will leave it be.

The company offers four packages, and they are Promotional, Transactional, Promotional (DND version), and OTP service to the customers.

1 – Promotional SMS

One-click: You can send SMS to all contacts in just one-click.

Worldwide: If you are planning to send bulk SMS to another country, then you can from anywhere.

Groups: You can create a group of contacts and send them custom SMS.

Schedule SMS: If you want to send SMS at a specific time, then you can schedule it.

Delivery Speed: The Company claims that they send all SMS in an instant and the failure rate is below 0.2%.

Length: It does not matter, which SMS package you purchase from the Mobonair, you can add 160 words to the message.

The downside of this package is that you will not get a dedicated number, so the messages will be sent using random numbers.

2 – Transactional SMS (DND)

The DND version stands for Do Not Disturb, which is an option provided by the operators to the mobile device users. Many mobile users are frustrated by the SMS they receive on a daily basis, so they block such SMS senders.

The features of Promotional SMS DND are the same, but the difference is that business people can send promotional SMS to DND enabled numbers as well. You also get free API, which makes it even more powerful.

Sending SMS to DND enabled numbers is a big deal, so this is an option that is available in every similar text message service provider.

3 – Promotional DND SMS

To make it short, the features of the Promotional DMD SMS and Promotional SMS are the same, so do not worry it.

The only difference in this package is that you can send SMS to those mobile device numbers, who have blocked Promotional SMS category. In short, a number that has DND enabled will receive your messages. This is a major claim because the purpose of the DND is to keep such messages reaching to the customer inbox.

So, isn’t it breaking the rule of DND rules?

Even if you think for a second, you are trying to sell products and services, who dislike such messages in the first place. So, your chances to convert those numbers into real paying customers.


In this section, it will be slightly different from the rest, so we are going to list the features.

Cost: According to the Mobonair, the cost of their OTP package is lower than other services.

24H Active Service: The service does not go down at all; it will work for 24 hours a day.

DND: We have explained earlier about DND feature so that the OTP will be sent to DND enabled numbers as well.

Open Sender & Template ID: We did not quite understand it.

24 Hours Support: The Mobonair claims that they have 24 hours of customer support and sales support.

Priority Route: In short, network services are crowded, so they only send important messages within 15 seconds of the period. Your OTP SMS will be sent within 30 seconds of the period because it is best SMS gateway.

What Problems Will Mobonair Solve?

Mobonair Bulk SMS ReviewEvery company claims to do things for the customers, so we are going to list those claims and promises that the company is willing to fulfill.

Cost: The Company says that they don’t have any hidden charges like Fee, Set-up charges, Monthly charges, and others. It is a one-time payment when you buy a package.

API: You do not have to worry about the API integration to a website or smartphone app because the company does that for you.

100% Delivery: According to the features, the company provides instant delivery, and you get 100% SMS delivery promise.

Documents: To get the account activated after the payment, you do not have to submit any documents for it.

Language: Interestingly, you can send messages to the audience in English, Telugu, Tamil, and another regional language of India. Therefore, the conversion rate will be increased to another level.

Awards & Quality Certificates

Mobonair Bulk SMS ReviewWe have checked through their official site, and we could not find any awards or certificates that prove their quality and the companies they have served.

Do not panic because most of the smaller scale to medium scale business does not have any certificates of appreciation letters to prove their business.

However, having those would have benefit to service.

How Much Does Mobonair Cost?

We are going to list the price the Mobonair is offering to the customers.

One: You can buy 1000 SMS for Rs 400 with VALIDITY one year.

Two: You can buy 2500 SMS for Rs 570 with VALIDITY five Years.

Three: You can buy 10,000 SMS for Rs 1810 with VALIDITY five years

Four: You can buy 25,000 SMS for Rs 4000 Now Offer Price Rs 3450 with VALIDITY five Years.

Five: You can buy 50,000 SMS for Rs 5750 with VALIDITY five Years.

Six: You can buy 100,000 SMS for Rs 10500 VALIDITY –UNLIMITED.

Seven: You can buy 200,000 SMS for Rs 19700 VALIDITY-UNLIMITED.

You can even order a plan that is much bigger than any other.

User Satisfaction

Mobonair Bulk SMS ReviewWe are going to give you the result of the review and tell you if this service and company is worth your investment.

Customer care: The Mobonair provided one number that does not look like a customer care number to us. So, make sure to call the customer care and try it yourself because, in these fields, you need it the most.

Price: We have reviewed several bulk SMS companies that provide best bulk SMS service, and we can easily tell you that the pricing is not fair at all. Overall, it is expensive, and it is only worth it if the company has the infrastructure and quality.

Features: Important or necessary features are present, but few were missing, which should be something every small business should consider.

Security: The Company sends promotional SMS to DND enabled numbers, and that is misleading information. Anyone can send SMS after the payment because no documents are required. In simple words, many fraud people will use this service. The send ID is random, which means the sender ID is already used by many and what if the last message sent by a fraudster, we have received such message on our phone.

Feedback: We consider that the customer who has paid to use Mobonair service feedback is valuable here. None of the customers of Mobonair has posted feedback about the company service and their packages.

The packages are not cheap, so at least they should have provided dedicated sender ID and the improve the security. Imagine that you have sent a message to the audience. Also, before you, a fraudster have sent a fraudulent message, then what will be the impression of your company?

Overall, we do not recommend Mobonair Wireless PVT LTD bulk SMS service.


If you want to take chances, then go for the entry-level package that will give you an impression of the Mobonair. Let us know what do you think about the Mobinair Wireless PVT LTD in the comment section below.

Mobonair Bulk SMS Company Review
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