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Promotional SMS

Bulk SMS is proven to be an effective way to market your product and the services. Currently, we are providing RELIABLE and ACTIVE bulk SMS service at a lower cost.Our cost is lower than other competitors in the market because the company based in Lucknow, India, which has less Telecom and Communication cost. Our links to the provider allow us to deliver lower cost BULK SMS service.

Low Cost

We believe in working with the customer who can meet a budget, so promotional SMS service prices are lower than other providers. We cut the cost of expensive Telecom and Communication, so our price becomes lesser than any other service.

SMS Scheduling

We provide a Scheduling tool that enables you to schedule all SMS in one single day. Once you have scheduled, they will keep sending the SMS automatically. The promotional SMS provider format allows you to increase and decrease the number of SMS you want to send.

API Interfacing

A promotional SMS API tool which allows you to interconnect the services and send bulk SMS dynamically. The interface is extremely easy to understand and also to use. We also have 24 hours of customer support to assist you to take on daily basis task.

DND Filters

DND stands for Do Not Disturb. A built feature which can filter the DND. Thus you save money from promotional SMS gateway and no more extra cash burning. You must have numbers which are set for DND, so we save your money by filtering those numbers.


We don’t want you to burn your cash, so we don’t charge you a setup fee. Currently, many leading companies are charging few dollars for the set up, which are not charging to keep you in business.

SMS Service

The promotional SMS service includes our 24-hours of customer support and we provide you the assistance you need to setup your business faster and effective. We strive to provide you top-notch service in India.

SMS Provider

The promotional SMS network we are using is a BRAND all over the world. The bulk promotional SMS provider is not the third party. We have selected top-notch provider to deliver your message to your customers.

SMS Gateway

The promotional SMS gateway we have selected is top-notch, which allows you to send the messages from a responsive server, which does not go down frequently like other cheap services promotional SMS service.

Answering Your Questions

Why is the cost low?

The promotional SMS provider we subscribed to offer lesser amount on mega BULK SMS order and we take that as an inspiration to cut down our profits and cost of infrastructure to focus on core infrastructure like Server, Support team, and Effective Service. After cutting down all our expenses, we are able to deliver an amazing package with better core services like Customer support & service. To make promotional sms service much more efficient for you.

What is DND Filters?

DND stands for Do Not Disturb, where any user with a mobile number can block promotional SMS service of any. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has allowed the users to enable the option. DND Filter allows the promotional SMS gateway to filter such numbers so that you don’t have to waste SMS, which is meant to be blocked. As a promotional sms provider, we ensure that you don’t waste your SMS plan. Our promotional sms gateway is reliable.

How do you save money from Setup cost?

Almost every reputed company, who are offering the Bulk SMS service allows you to send messages to your future customers demand a setup fee. There is nothing wrong with it because it requires them to build a team of professionals, so they need extra funds to manage it. Since our team is built with looking at many aspects, our cost is lower than others. We can set up your account without any extra fund.