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SMS Campaign, Sequencing & URL Shortener
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One of the best ways to market your products among your targeted audience is bulk SMS Service. These messages could be informational alerts or promotional in nature which can reach to millions of customers within seconds of time. FreeKaSMS offers easy reach to the prospective client with very affordable cost. Bulk SMS gateway is an online web application with simple and user friendly experience to start using SMS.


Educational Institutions

There are many schools, universities, institutes, and colleges who have information to send to the parents. Now you can use the dedicated name, which allows parents to recognize the name of the institution and it helps him identify the important message from the trash ones. 

  • Highly customizable and easy to use.
  • You can add a name after the number, which helps the parents recognise the message sender among the unnecessary messages. 

Online / Ecommerce

If you have started an E-commerce store or an online store, then you get affordable packages that allow you to send confirmation messages and offer messages that will help you increase the number of sales.

  • You get affordable plans with support.
  • An ideal choice for e-commerce websites and online stores.

Banking & Finance

If you have a client or you need a service where you can send confirmation texts, informational based messages to your clients, then what better way it is to send from a professional number like the major Banks does today. 

  • You get all professional tools.
  • A professional number that keeps the formality of the expectations.


In Automobile industry more than thousands of Bikes and Cars are sold on a daily basis, you will get the several orders, but how are you planning to inform the customers regarding the vehicle delivery? There’s information which you need to deliver to the customer, so why not send a text message?

  • Bigger brands like Honda use these services on a regular basis, so why don’t you?
  • You get a dedicated professional number, so no need to worry about unprofessionalism.

Stock Market

If you are into stock market business or you are a broker, then you know how important an SMS can get when the market is hot with the fresh deals. 

  • Many professional tools help you build targeted SMS.
  • You can track those SMS and clicks to check the conversion rate.

Tours & Travel

We have tools which allow you to create SMS for business so that you can send thousands of SMS in an instant. In the business of Tours and Travels, you need instant SMS services, which we have it ready for you.

  • We have 24/7 support and is ready to assist you anytime you need us.
  • Every SMS you send is delivered in an instant to the customers.




Transport & Logistics

Every person who is waiting for the delivery wants to receive the SMS on-time, and with one-click, we send the SMS in an instant, so your customers are notified of the delivery.

  • No delay in sending the SMS and quick server response.
  • We don’t have any server downtime; if we do, we will notify the clients.
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Real Estate

In this business, every client or customer comes at a high price, and we understand your needs, and we add value to your business by providing you affordable plans with quality service.



Other Industries

We are serving various industries, if you are someone who runs a rare business and does not have much information about how to use it, then you can contact our customer support for further information.

FreeKaSMS SMS Campaign Service
  • If SMS delivered

When the SMS delivered to your targeted users with the information you have provided, then you will receive the successful sign on your dashboard. In the dashboard, you will be able to access the analytics which helps you track the number of smses successfully received by the users.

  • You will be notified about it in the analytics.
  • A dedicated tab will show the details of delivered messages.
  • If not delivered

There are times when SMS are not sent successfully to the users, you are notified about it in the dashboard, and you can also view the number of failed SMS in the analytics tool. You will not be charged for the failed SMS, thus saving you money.

  • You won’t be charged for the undelivered message.
  • In the tool, you can view the list of undelivered numbers.
  • URL shortener for SMS

Tracking the websites clicks are no longer a hassle. Now we have an inbuilt tool which allows you to create a clickable URL shortener, which comes with trackable data. In the analytics, you will be able to check how many people have clicked on your links, which helps you understand the user’s behaviour and keeps you updated.

  • Trackable URL shortener. 
  • Easy to set up and use, no technical knowledge is required.
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  • Webhook / API

For those who don’t know the meaning of Webhook/API, it is called web callback or HTTP push API, which gives you real-time information about the product. In this case, you get real-time performance reports that help you understand the business properly.

  • Real-time performance, so you can understand the business better. 
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