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Bulk SMS service providers have increased in every country because of the effectiveness of sales and getting leads. But, who can tell you which text message service provider ideal one for your business is?

Today, we are going to give you one of the popular services SSD India Bulk SMS Review, which started as a hosting company, then later became the cheapest bulk SMS service provider in India.

Bulk SMS service providers have increased in every country because of the effectiveness of sales and getting leads. But, who can tell you which text message service provider ideal one for your business is?

SSD India is an Indian based company located in Mumbai, India and operated by the Indian executives.

SSD India Review

Reviews usually break down into PROS and CONS, but the data can be inaccurate if you have not used the services of SSD India. We are going to do a little different, where we will break things down a pattern that everyone can understand.

We are going to break down the list to,

  1.  Every company offers a set of Features & Services, so we are going to look into it first.
  2. Once we have their services and features data, we will compare it with other competitors. (Includes price as well.)
  3. Customers are the right judges for feedback, so we are going to compare the stats with verified customer feedbacks.

    So, let’s begin.

Services & Features

SSD India Review

The company offers two packages “Promotional SMS” and “Transactional SMS”, but we are going to look into Promotional SMS only because that’s what many people use SMS sending service in India.

SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers – DND stands for do not disturb, so the company prevents you from wasting texts. Any mobile user can block promotional number by using DND feature.

Group Messaging & Genuine Delivery Report – SSD India has enabled the users to send text’s in groups and also you receive genuine reports.

SMS delivery time 9 AM to 9 PM – The SMS will be delivered to the people you have sent within 12-hours of the period. So, you do not have to worry about SMS not delivered within 24-hours of the period.

Regional Language – Language is a barrier nowadays, so the SSD India is offering the package, where you can send messages in regional language. It is a needed feature in India because every state speaks a different language.

Brand name – If you want people to see your brand name or your company name instead of the number, then you can send the SMS to people under your desired name.

User-Friendly SMS Portal – We are not sure what SSD India meant by the user-friendly portal. However, we assume that they are talking about the dashboard of the SMS portal.

Scheduled SMS – If you are someone who does not have time to send SMS on the decided period, then you can use the feature Schedule SMS, where you save the SMS and send it automatically at your desired time.

Instant Activation – Once you have filled the form and selected the package, then pay the amount, then your account will be activated.

Customer care – The SSD India has added “Raise a ticket” to contact the customer care, and you also get a number but make sure to call and check if the customer care works out for you or not.

These are the feature the company is offering to the users.

Compare to SSD India Bulk SMS Review

SSD India Review

We are going to compare the number of features the SSD India is offering to the customers with the number one Bulk SMS service in India.

Let’s begin with the price, as you know that the competitor is offering 1000 messages for Rs.300 with GST, while SSD India is offering 100 messages for Rs.354 with GST.

We have compared the entry package, but it gets better when you move to the higher package, where you get 50,000 messages for Rs.7,080, while the major player is offering for Rs.9000.

We recommend you to try the entry package first to test the services like SMS delivery time, Feedback, and customer support.

The services are not international; they are available only in India. You have to make sure that the numbers are targeted or else you may be sent to the irrelevant people.

Coming to the features, they are limited. There is no doubt that the number of features which the company is offering limited and you may not even get a dedicated number, so make sure to call the customer support for more information.

The language can be a barrier because the customer care speaks only two languages English and Hindi. If you are someone from Andhra Pradesh and you don’t know how to speak Hindi or English properly, then it can be a problem.

Customers Feedback

SSD India Review

There are many portals out there, where you can find SSD India Bulk SMS review. We believe that paying customer’s feedback is much more valuable than a review itself, which is why we have added it.

Customer support – The customer care of the SSD India is average, so you cannot expect high-quality service from the customer support. You can also raise a ticket, and you can expect a good response from the team.

Features – Features are limited, so we recommend you to check and contact their team for further information. Make sure to learn if the service can fulfil your requirements or not.

Pricing – Regarding pricing, yes, the packages are good for small business, and you can even add your brand name instead of a number.

Quality – Regarding quality, the company standards are high, but you can expect average response time, delivery time, and SMS service is quality is questionable.

The company highlighted Instant Activation, which is a common practice in many companies nowadays.


We have seen tremendous growth in bulk SMS service in a few years, but selecting the right service is important as well. In our opinion, SSD India is for those who are looking cheapest bulk SMS service provider. You may have to compromise on quality as well, so reconsider your decision.

SSD India Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Performence
  • Easy to Use
  • Price


Their hosting plans are good for beginners and small businesses only. If you are planning to initiate your online presence then you should go with them as their hosting plans are cheaper than other hosts. Once you start getting huge traffic on your website then you can migrate your hosting to some other hosting companies.

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