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TextLocal Bulk SMS Review

SMS marketing has become a second most effective way of marketing today, and many companies are now moving towards SMS marketing. There are several companies out there who are offering SMS marketing services, where any small to big business can buy their services to market their products, which is an amazing tool, to begin with.

We are going to review one of the popular Bulk SMS marketing services “TextLocal” that are not only popular but also a major competitor in the Bulk SMS marketing category.

Text Local Bulk SMS Review

Considering how reviews work on the Internet, we are going to do a little different and follow a different pattern so that you can understand Text Local Bulk SMS Company and their services better.

We are going to break down the list to,

  1. The features & services the company claims to provide at best. 
  2. Compare it with competitors (Includes pricing, features, and services.)
  3. Customers opinion (Only verified & paying customers can give feedback about Text Local services.)So, let’s begin.

TextLocal Bulk SMS Review

Features & Services of Text Local

Let’s look at the features the company is offering; then we will compare them to the other companies that are offering similar services.

BULK SMS Redefined – It is nothing, but their module where you can send millions of text messages in a second. You can use their dashboard and send a personalised text at your scheduled time.

SMS Attachments – Text Local, added a feature called SMS Attachments, where you can attach Images, Documents, and any file that you can send. In short, you can send files to people, and it increases your chances to sell your product better because they can experience it better.

Receive Texts – If anyone of your text receiver wants to an inquiry about the product, then the receivers can text you back right away for quick information about the service.

Enterprise Friendly –The company Text Local operated by IMImobile Europe Ltd that based on a European company, who have designed their service for the enterprises.

Analytics – You can access the analytics feature, which allows you to keep an eye on the campaigns you are running, then you can optimize your campaigns based on the responses. Analytics allows you to understand your audience better.

Customer support & Infrastructure  – The company claims to have amazing developed customer care and infrastructure.

Compare Text Local to Other Bulk SMS Provider

Time to compare Text Local services & features with competitors.

What is unique about Text Local?

The first thing, which we have found unique about Text Local is its SMS attachments feature, where the company allows you to send messages that have attachments. It is ideal for business that requires a quick presentation regarding the service & features, so that is very important for business.

What we have mentioned in the features is common, and you will find all of them in many of the competitor’s services.

There are many missing features like Web to SMS, iOS App Send, Mobi-gram Messages, delivery route, and more.

It all goes down to your main requirements, but the tables will turn in customer care and infrastructure because the majority of these companies do not have a proper team. Thus bad quality is produced.

Text Local has dedicated customer care that is based in Europe, so you need to make sure to understand the English language better.

The company also has set-up regional language system, so you can expect customer executives to speak in your country national language. Go to text local website and call the customer care to find out which language they are using in your region.

Text Local Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to Use
  • Performence
  • Price


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